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Where We Focus

At Golden Southeast, we focus on overlooked markets & niche opportunities where risk capital is often scarce. Higher probability doubles vs. moonshot home-runs are our sweet spot. While not afraid of competing, we do seek to avoid unnecessary competition by playing where others cannot or will not over comparatively longer time horizons. Identifying & benefiting from large, powerful trends is a core consideration.

Our primary focus at present is centered on the small business acquisition opportunity in Japan.


Japan is in the midst of a globally unprecedented small business succession crisis. While the Japanese Government has rightly so dedicated increasing attention & resources to this economic & societal issue, the supply-demand mismatch between retiring SMB owners and viable third-party acquirers remains significant, with roughly 120,000 profitable SMBs without an identified succession plan:

For its part, the Japanese Government has committed to a goal of facilitating 600,000 small business succession focused M&A transactions with third-party acquirers by 2030:

Source: Japan Small & Medium Enterprise Agency, Finance Division

Notably, the private equity industry in the world's 3rd largest economy remains a relatively small & nascent, though growing, asset class

that is predominately focused on larger small cap to upper mid-cap assets ($100M to $10Bn).


Source: Bain & Co.


Other active opportunities include:

  • Opportunistic high-yield land & in-development real estate lending among Southeast Asia's leading beach & resort locations  

  • The launch and scaling of proven technology business models & concepts in Asia in partnership with established U.S. based startups 

  • Non-traditional hospitality lodging & international resident focused real estate assets in Japan 

  • Public equities investing within growth technology companies in Japan, Southeast Asia, the U.S. & Europe

We actively partner with like-minded individuals & groups in both the U.S. & Asia. Please reach out if you would like to discuss & further explore.


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